OMO was established in 1961 Its purpose is manufacturing PRECISION and HIGH PRECISION ROTARY TABLES

Production started with MANUAL versions with taper fit and double axial locking that were immediately appreciated in Italy and abroad.
Commercial researches drives OMO to design and build PNEUMATIC ROTARY TABLES and a D.C. MOTORIZED ROTARY TABLE as first company on the worldwide market.
At the end of Seventies OMO presented a NUMERIC CONTROL ROTARY TABLES, equipped with a step by step motor that was replaced by a permanent magnet D.C. motor and actually by a brushless one.
Last generation rotary tables are designed with calculated structures by CAD system and tested with advanced methods. Divisions are tried with an high precision angular analyzer and any rotary table is supplied with test certificate.
Nowadays OMO products and sells on national and foreign markets, more than 220 ROTARY TABLES in different models with sizes from 130 mm. to 1200 mm.

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OMO GRASSI s.r.l. is in OLEGGIO, NOVARA Province, along the trunk road that leads to Malpensa 2000 Airport, that’s only 12 km.far, and may be reached easily through two important thoroughfares.
At the toll booth BUSTO ARSIZIO-MALPENSA, follow the signs for the AIRPORT (HUB 1). Pass it and follow the signs for NOVARA – OLEGGIO. Cross the river TICINO and go ahead towards West. The seat is at 4km.ab. on the left side.

At the toll booth NOVARA EST follow the signs for OLEGGIO – LAGO MAGGIORE. Then follow the trunk road n.32 till the crossway for GALLARATE-MALPENSA around OLEGGIO. Now follow the sign for GALLARATE towards East. Pass the traffic-signal; the seat is at few hundreds meter on the right side.


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